National Museum Čačak

National Museum Čačak


Jovan Obrenović (1786–1850)

Born in 1786 in Srednja Dobrinja, Jovan Obrenović was a middle brother of Miloš Obrenović, Master, Divisional General, and a Commander of Morava and Podrinje military district. He participated in the First and Second Serbian Uprising.

Shortly before the meeting held in Takovo, which foreshadowed the Second Uprising in Serbia, Master Jovan Obrenović expelled the Turkish tax collectors in the village Konjuši on 22nd April, 1815. It was only three days after, that Čačak was kept under siege, surrounded by Serbs under Master Jovan's command. At the beginning of the battle, he commanded the cavalry, but by the end of May he was in command of the entire Serbian forces positioned outside the town. Nearly after the victory in Čačak, he led his forces to lay siege to the town of Užice.

During the negotiations with Turks in 1816 in Constantinople, Jovan Obrenović was at the helm of the Serbian delegation. He was appointed Master of Rudnik district by Prince Miloš. In 1832 Požega district was placed under his governance and protection. He raised the Church of Saint

George in 1820, and the residence building in 1835. He also raised the Church of Saint Nikola in Brusnica village, in the vicinity of Gornji Milanovac, in 1837.

After the rebellion in 1842 he immigrated to Austria. He died in Sremski Karlovci in 1850.