National Museum Čačak

National Museum Čačak


About the museum

National Museum Čačak was founded on 30th August, 1952. The permanent exhibition of the Museum was open in 1953 in the residence of Jovan Obrenović covering an area of 280 m2. Since 1980 the Gallery of National Museum Čačak has hosted a certain number of temporary exhibitions. The Gallery is located on the ground floor of the Old Administration Building and covers the area of 113 m2. In the same building, offices and depots are located on the first two floors and cover about 1,041 m2. Five departments of the National Museum Čačak contain almost 20,000 objects.

In more than 65 years of its existence, the Museum has organized over 500 exhibitions, undertaken 110 archaeological excavations and prepared more than 200 publications. Since 1969, the Museum has been regularly publishing the National Museum Journal (46 issues were published until 2017), over 100 catalogues and 53 special editions such as monographs, Conference proceedings and various guides. The Museum Library contains 10,000 books and 548 different periodicals with 10,470 volumes. The Museum attracted more than 12,000 visitors annually between 2005 and 2016, and offered free admission to most of the museum exhibitions.

In 2005, Delfina Rajić, an Art Historian, was appointed Director of the Museum. The Museum is represented by 17 full time employees working in six departments (Department of Palaeontology, Archaeology, History, Ethnology, Art History and a Conservation-restoration), photo laboratory, guide service, and technical support staff.

The Museum has frequently been awarded, and the most prestigious awards the Museum received are Republic Bronze Wreath Order (1978), Vuk Award (1982), and October Award granted by the Čačak Municipality (1997).

National Museum Čačak has also been awarded the status of Cultural Institution of National Importance of the Republic of Serbia.