National Museum Čačak

National Museum Čačak


Old Čačak photo album 1870 – 1941.

The authors of the exhibition "Old Čačak photo album 1870 – 1941" are Delfina Rajić, Radivoje Bojović and Miloš Timotijević. The exhibition was open for visits in 2010 at the Gallery of National Museum Čačak.

The exhibition "Old Čačak photo album 1870–1941" revived old memories, vivid colours of homeland and history of the entire civilian epoch. The three aspects of the exhibition represented the town, town inhabitants and the events respectively. History Department collections contains 6,000 photographs, out of which 183 originals and 193 reproductions were selected for the exhibition. The exhibition was seen by more than 2,500 visitors; nonetheless its captivating Internet presentation attracted even greater public attention also including the scientific community.

The exhibition catalogue won the first prize for the best graphic design publication, named after Mr Isailo A. Petrović who was the first typographer in Čačak. Catalogue designer, Slađana Tutunović was awarded first prize on 8th February 2011.

Internet presentation of the exhibition was available on the following site and it was featured in the magazine "Annual for Social History" year XVII, No 3/2010 as a valuable example of the museum exhibition in the virtual reality.

The new presentation of the exhibition can be seen at