National Museum Čačak

National Museum Čačak


Dubac in Jančići

The archaeological excavation of the mound VIII on the site of Dubac in Jančići on the Mt Kablar represent the sequel of the rescue works on this prehistoric necropolis, well known by the important results obtained by excavations done in 1980s. On that occasion a bigger number of predominantly skeleton graves frequently furnished with the bronze jewellery was found, where some of them represent unique or rare examples.

During October 2014, a team of National Museum in Čačak have done the archaeological excavation of the barrow marked with VIII that was characterized by a specific sepulchral ritual. It was determined that after the leveling a surface circular in shape was formed, made of bigger stones, having diameter of 8 m. This unit, the most probably represented a core, a platform where graves were placed. Deceased were exclusively incinerated and placed into the ceramic urns. A small number of findings made of bronze originally belonged to the grave inventory, while an iron raiser should be considered as a much younger finding.

The fragments of urns and burned bones represent the consequence of small depth and the looseness of earthen-stone structure due to the vegetation and the erosion process. After the preliminary autopsy of material, it can be supposed that the mound was erected during the Middle Bronze Age. Professional team was consisted of: archaeologists Katarina Dmitrović and Vujadin Vujadinović, Slobodan Bogojević, conservator, Marko Bojović, photographer and Ljubinka Pavlović, student.